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for business or personal use

We design, offer free https and host at your will. All for $39.
Order a website or a domain name. We are also SEOs and will give you free tips on how to get web traffic and advice you on best search engine to purchase ads from.

Why SSL is good for you
and letsencrypt

We provide a free Letsencrypt SSL Certificate out of the box. Letencrypt is an open initiative that offers free ssl Certificates. We pass it to you for free deploy it for free and give you automatic renewal of the cert.


We host websites and common software. Order wordpress, joomlah, grav, quickbooks etc, email etc. On purchase you will also get 1 email forward and access to premium DNS at Cloudns.

Modern Website Design

Your Website will be created with modern design and have fast load speeds. Search engines favor fast and secure websites and rank them higher

And more

Your favourite software on a robust secure cloud

  • Hosted wordpress, joomla, nodejs etc

    Choose your favourite CMS and lets build you a website in it.

  • Host in the Cloud

    We leverage the intelligent cloud to offer super fast and secure hosting

  • Admin Login

    Your website comes with an admin area where you can login and make your desired changes

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We'll bring your idea to life. Websites and apps of all scale. Lets know what you have in mind and we'll make it real starting at $39 for websites. You may also checkout securely with Paypal.